First off, not all proteins are created equal. There are some that will provide more benefits than others. Protein quality is broken down to amino acid profile. Generally speaking, if the protein contains all of the nine essential amino acids, it is considered a complete protein.

For Muscle Protein Synthesis (aka MPS or GAINZ!) to occur we require all nine essential amino acids to be present. Muscle is made of them, and think of it like this, if you want to be built like a brick house,.. then supply your body with the bricks. 🙂

Nine Essential Amino Acids
– Histidine
– Isoleucine*
– Leucine**
– Lysine
– Methionine
– Phenylalanine
– Threonine
– Tryptophan
– Valine*

*Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)
**Leucine is the KEY branch chain amino acid for MPS.

You might be wondering what is Leucine and how do I get it? If you’re consuming a high-protein diet and periodically eating throughout your day (breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner) you may be meeting your requirements for MPS to occur. As you can see diets that are leaning towards low protein, less meat, or vegan will limit your opportunity to maximize MPS.

This is where you can supplement amino acids. We have two Nutridyn Products, the BCAA Drink which will provide higher amounts of the three BCAAs, and the Performance Drink which will provide all nine essential amino acids.

Let Coach Lucas or Coach Jenny know if you have any questions.