Additional Offerings

BTC Reboot

We know that for so many reasons we fall off on our health, nutrition, and exercise. You have already taken the time to do a deep dive for 10 weeks of your life… and if you remember well, you felt like a Rockstar during your Body Transformation Challenge. We have the date you filled out and can confirm it. So something happened and you got out of your routine. This 10-week reboot is designed to get you back into the swing of it and give you the accountability that you need to do it!

EHP Adaptive CrossFit

Adaptive Class at EHP Performance is specifically for people with disabilities. Classes provide fitness modifications for athletes with intellectual and/or physical disabilities. We focus on the athlete’s abilities rather than their disabilities.

EHP Performance Weightlifting

EHP houses a weightlifting club for new and experienced lifters. EHP Weightlifting prides itself on excelling in the technicalities of Olympic lifting, but more importantly, supporting each other in training, competition, and all aspects of life.